STK 12.6.0 发布

news/2023/5/28 7:34:28

What's New

This topic liststhe new features and improvements that are included in each STK 12 release. If you want to read about known issues, issues fixed witheach STK 12 release, and important announcements, see the Release Notes.

To learn how to usethe STK , see the STK Tutorials.

STK 12.6 Featurehighlights


STK's Analyzer capability now supports performingtrade studies with satellite Lifetime parameters.


  • Astrogator, HPOP, and Analysis Workbench can now use the DTM 2020 atmospheric density model .

  • The Astrogator Radiation Pressure Propagator Function now allows for the definition of the Radiation Pressure Coefficient (Ck) and Radiation Pressure Area directly on the function itself. You can choose to use these values instead of the values defined on the MCS segments.

  • Python support is now available for the Astrogator Scripting Tool. This multiplatform capability uses the STK Python API and enables the Astrogator Scripting Tool on Linux for the first time.


  • The first iteration of a repository for plugin examples for the Flight Framework is now available. This first iteration includes Aerodynamic and Powerplant strategies, so you can plug in your own computational methods and have them appear as if they are built in. The example Aerodynamic and Propulsion strategies model an X-34 hypersonic vehicle, making use of what is called a four-point aerodynamic math model using .NET. The propulsion model is coded using C++ in a form that is conducive to plugging in a Functional Mockup Unit (FMU) as a propulsion force model.

  • There is now registration-free .NET plugin capability to 30 different Flight plugin points. This supports the forthcoming Flight Sandbox capability, supporting Ansys developers around the world to integrate their tools with STK and Flight.

  • There is a new Aircraft Plugin for STK Aviator to generate design points suitable for use with Fluent Aero. The design points produce an envelope that encompasses the selected mission, making it easy to compute and use a high-fidelity AERO file for a family of trajectories around the selected mission.

  • External ephemeris files can now create Aviator objects to determine appropriate attitude, aerodynamics, propulsion, and thermal models for external ephemeris trajectories. This can be used to determine the ability of an aircraft to follow desired trajectories or estimate aircraft performance characteristics given an observed trajectory.

  • Hypersonic modeling is improved with a new glide strategy that interpolates commanded airspeed between initial conditions and specified airspeed and altitude. Available hypersonic vehicle trajectories now include changing airspeed as a function of altitude.


  • For Access, a Comm receiver or a monostatic radar or a bistatic radar receiver can now check that a jammer or interferer transmitter (or a radar transmitter) is sharing the parent object with the receiver. Previously, Access would not enable and compute such a pair.

  • Significant changes have been made to the configuration of radar clutter modeling in STK. The Clutter Map, which used to be configured on the radar target object, is now configured in the radar object on the clutter tab of the radar properties. The terms "Clutter Map" and "Clutter Geometry" are now called "Scattering Point Model" and "Scattering Point Provider", respectively. You will need to update scenarios authored by previous versions of STK to produce the same results for these scenarios using STK 12.6.


  • The EOIR temperature drop-down now allows selection of the Aviator Thermal model. This greatly improves the workflow for predicting thermal profiles of hypersonic trajectories.

  • The Help section for STK's EOIR capability has a more user-friendly structure and includes a topic for EOIR installation.

GCS Terrain

The GCS analytical terrain API is nowintegrated into STK.


Changes to the way STK loads fonts nowsignificantly improves the scenario startup performance.

STK 12.6 featuredetails


  • You can now filter a Satellite Collection database search to only return satellites included in a user-defined TLE source file.

  • STK 12.6 improves the functionality and documentation outlining how to use a sensor pointing file (*.sp) when you specify an Analysis Workbench frame, a central body frame, or no frame, and when the sensor's parent is a vehicle or a facility/place/target.

  • STK now includes new, Python-specific methods for IAgDrDataSetCollection to ease numpy/pandas integration with data providers.

  • STK now includes the following Windows containerziation code samples: stk-engine-baseline, stk-engine-connect, custom-environment, stk-engine-python, stk-engine-webservice, and stk-parallel-computing-server. This is in addition to the previously included Linux samples.

  • You can now use the PersonalAccessToken Connect command to request tokens that will authorize STK to access your data on both the SDF and GCS.

  • STK 12.6 improves and expands the cubesat model offering included with STK.

  • You can now set a preference to have the Message Viewer open automatically when STK generates an error message. You can configure this preference by message severity level.

  • A 3D Graphics window now includes an optional confirmation warning when it is closing.

  • The option to have STK show 'Delete confirmation' was moved from the General preferences page to the Object Browser preferences page.

  • A new grouping capability enables you to better organize scenario objects within the Object Browser.

  • Autoclouds methods were removed from the Clouds ObjectModel API. Periodic updates of cloud imagery should instead be managed externally.

  • In order to provide a more modern HTML5/JavaScript support and increased security, the Internet Explorer web control has been replaced by the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control when executing any of the following: License Viewer, Contact Technical Support or User resources from the Help menu, HTML balloons in a KML file, and STK UI Plugins to open an HTML Browser in STK. You can still use the HTML Viewer when loading scenarios containing open HTML Viewer windows. The HTML Viewer will be removed in a future release.

  • IAgUiPluginHtmlWindowSite.NewWindow() now opens the Web Browser rather than the soon-to-be-deprecated HTML Viewer.

  • All dynamic data (EOP, Satellite databases, GPS Almanac data, Space Weather, etc) have been updated.

  • An Object Model API has been added for Astrogator's Golden Section and Grid Search profiles.

  • STK now supports the following native Python plugin points: EphemFileReaderPlugin and SearchPlugin.


  • The Start Panel now includes a shortcut to start Ansys Licensing Settings for Parallel Computing, to enable you to quickly enter the host and port number of the license server.

  • OSPlatform was added to CommonResources and OSPlatform enumeration was added. You can use these with TaskPreconditions to restrict tasks to run on specific OS platforms.


  • Scaled Flux Intensity is now available from the SEET SAA Flux Intensity data provider.


  • Scheduler now requires ASP.NET Core Runtime 6.0.10 (x64) and Microsoft .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime 6.0.10(x64).


  • Analyzer now enables you to vary the Radar Cross Section (RCS) for all STK objects that support RCS.

  • You can now choose to use STK Engine or a GUI subprocess for Model Center processing.

  • Analyzer utilizes the STK units selected within the STK object constraint units.

  • Analyzer now displays the same settings as selected in the Satellite Properties.

  • Analyzer Probabilistic and Monte Carlo studies now have algorithms and wizards to help you determine the appropriate number of samples to run for an accurate result.

  • Analyzer now supports running Close Approach studies.

  • Analyzer now supports Astrogator script parameters for Trade Studies.

  • Analyzer will now display the dimensions/coordinates/units/configuration that are being utilized in STK for an object.

  • The Analyzer STK Object tree will now display items with zero access.


  • STK now includes Astrogator calculation objects for Mean Equinoctial h, Mean Equinoctial k, Mean Equinoctial p, Mean Equinoctial q, and Mean Mean Longitude.

  • You can now use b-plane coordinates for an Astrogator initial state.

  • A new report style, Accel File Python, has been added. This report uses a Python script in post-processing to generate *.accelhist files for ODTK. The associated script provides an alternative to the existing Perl script report, including various improvements over the legacy option. A working Python environment is required.


  • The BasicFighter 3D model has been updated to use an F-16, the most prevalent fighter in use in the world today.

  • Aviator procedure intervals are now included within the MissionProcedureIntervals list in Analysis Workbench. Moreover, if a procedure contains subintervals, those will be published in the embedded interval list component, WayPointIntervals.

  • Aviator now provides named Intervals as Analysis Workbench components, one for each flight procedure, as embedded components within the MissionProcedureIntervals IntervalList component. Similarly, each phase has a corresponding named interval in the MissionPhaseInterval IntervalList.

  • The Advanced Fixed-Wing Subsonic and Supersonic Aerodynamic models now include Cl0 and ClAlpha Factor parameters. These parameters enable you to better model cambered wings and also support the calibration of aerodynamics to any data you may have.

  • A new check box titled "Continue After Roll Complete" is available for the Basic Maneuver Aileron Roll strategy. Selecting this box facilitates rolling to arbitrary angles and then holding those roll angles for a user-specified duration. This is useful for modeling knife-edge flight paths used in TETK.

  • The Aviator Object Model API now includes refueling and dump properties.

  • Aviator now includes the FastTimeOptions procedure, which improves performance over the previous ProcedureTimeOptions.

  • Durations and downrange profile data are now available on both the graphical profile window as well as in the Profile Data dialog box.

Communicationsand Radar

  • A new scattering point model has been added to model how radar energy is reflected by a wind turbine.

  • A new points file scattering point provider model has been added for modeling radar clutter scattering points based on a text file. You can add the lat/lon/alt locations of the scattering points to the files, along with optional scattering point models. The scattering points will then be used in the computation of the total clutter received at the radar receiver.

  • A smooth oblate earth model has been added as a new scattering point provider. This computes the scattering points based on iso-Doppler and isorange contours projected onto the smooth oblate earth.

  • ITU-R P.618 rain model has been updated to the latest release: P.618-13.

  • The Scalable Networks Modeling Interface's 'Scenario Explorer' workflow now enables you to add wired interfaces to any object in the Hierarchy, not just Facility, Place, and Target objects. This facilitates the inclusion of wired network subnets that might reside on a nonstationary object, for example, a wired subnet that resides on a mobile vehicle.


  • 'Sensor Define' and 'Sensor Modify' Connect commands now support EOIR sensors.

  • You can now turn celestial body property maps on and off. This enables a number of useful effects for modeling and simulating dynamic backgrounds.

STK Engine onLinux

  • AFSPC V7 SP is now available on Linux.


  • The Help has been updated to define the DE and SPICE files used in STK.

  • A new lesson has been added on radar clutter modeling.





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